Last week, Texas A&M baseball fans wrote another chapter in the book of “Why SEC fans are the best.” To be fair it’s never been a matter of debate, but this happened last night to solidify it.


The sad thing is I’m hearing stuff all day about “how ridiculous it is” and about how “it’s crazy the player kept it together.” Listen, this is the big bad SEC, and if you can’t take it you need to go back to your wimpy conferences and relish in the mediocrity that is their fan hood. To be honest people should not be shocked about this. This is coming from the same conference that goes crazy EVERY football Saturday. Our fans are known for being over the top, I mean just look at this:

From the crazy moments:


To the more calm, yet still VERY inappropriate ones:


To the moments that prove the fans’ dedication:

THIS is what you can always expect from the SEC. Suck it up, or don’t come to play us. It’s as simple as that.