It has been two weeks since Verne Lundquist made it public that this would be his last year working in the booth to cover SEC football games. The 75 year old will be handing the reigns over to Brad Nessler, a man who is more than qualified for the job, and in my opinion is one of the best game­-callers in the business.

That being said, Uncle Verne has had an amazing career. He has covered every sport you could imagine over the last 50 years, even the more obscure ones, like weightlifting and archery. But it’s not just his ability to cover multiple sports, he has been more than that.

Uncle Verne has brought a real family type of feel to the CBS broadcast over the last 17 years, by utilizing a one­of­a­kind story telling approach. Listening to Verne on a Saturday reminds me of what it felt like watching Georgia games with my Grandpa as he’d drink sweet tea and brag to me about watching old stars like Fran Tarkenton and Herschel Walker. It was something that I lived for, and that I will truly miss when he’s gone.

I don’t doubt that it will be a seamless transition to Brad Nessler, but it will be different. You cannot replace someone like Verne, it is impossible. Because of this I’d like to look back and highlight some of the greatest moments in Uncle Verne’s career.

Verne calling the Kick Six:


Verne showing that he knows exactly how to cut a rug:


The call that broke my heart into a million pieces:


Verne taking shots at ESPN and Brent Musberger:


The greatest call in the history of sports:

And last but not least, his classic role in Happy Gilmore:

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 7.07.09 PM
No matter who you are you have to respect the man and his calls during moments like these. You were a legend Verne and you will be missed in living rooms all across the country.