Everyday I hop off the Path station on 33rd, and walk past the Mecca on my way to work dreaming about what this season has in store for us… Getting Rose has elicited a feeling out of me that I haven’t felt for this team in a long time – HOPE. And the more I think about what kind of a transaction we just made, I need to ask the question: Is this trade the best move we’ve made in recent history? 

Well, honestly, I fucking hope so considering we’ve made moves like trading Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, Quentin Richardson, our 2016 first rounder, and 2014 AND 2017 2nd round picks, for who?! For fucking Andrea Bargnani (who, oh by the way, we cut later on)…

So there isn’t much competition as far as that goes… But seriously, how good it this trade? Really?

Let’s start with how this effects us cap-wise. We use no more cap space than we would have had we kept Lopez and Calderon, not to mention NOW we have an expiring contract. for all that $23 million. So going into NEXT year’s free agency, $23 million will fall off the books (Lopez would’ve stayed on for 2 more years tying up $13 or so million per year).

I’ve heard a lot of New York sports people saying it sucks we’re losing a young player. We can talk about Jerian Grant as a future stud on this team. I get that. He looked great when he attacked the basket at times. I think he could’ve been molded, but we as Knicks fans have to be at least a bit more self aware to know that we wouldn’t have waited for him to develop! We’re the New York Knicks. We got rid of Shumpert! Before that we got rid of Tim Hardaway Jr! Both had potential, and at times looked (just like Grant) that they had potential for the Knicks!!! We have young guys that we talk about potential with but we scream that we aren’t winning now. So here we are! We got Rose (win now) AND a 2nd round pick WHICH could (but not likely) snag us another Tim Hardaway Jr-esque player, OR shit – another Jerian Grant! This is a hit-or-miss league in drafting and I for one can absolutely believe in what we have going on.

Then let’s talk about the player we got: D-FREAKING-Rose. We got a former MVP of the league. Now, I know the former MVP has had issues. He’s “made of glass.” He isn’t that player anymore. Okay. I hear you. But he played 65 games last season (notably Melo played 72… should we crucify him?). Listen, Rose is on the last year of his contract. He knows he needs to not just PLAY games, but play at a high caliber to sniff a contract as rich as he was getting. Let’s get excited about a guy playing for money (not the way most Knicks players do)! I’m not saying keep this guy forever, but at least let’s get him to play hard, earn himself a new contract and we capitalize FOR ONCE!

Lastly, I want to throw this out there… The attractiveness to a star for the Knicks just got GROSSLY better. Was any star out there excited to play alongside Calderon, Lopez or Jerian Grant? I mean come on… Now, at the very least, a stud player would come to play with a PG who knows what it takes to win, a young talented unicorn in KP6, and Melo. 

I know this isn’t the last move that we needed to make to make us a legitimate team. I’m not delusional, but this is the first move I’m excited about in a while. Let’s give this a fucking whirl and see where it takes us, shall we?



“Not New York’s finest… not even fucking close.”