As you know, we are implementing Throwback Thursday on our site where us writers pick out a significant moment in sports history to write about.  No moment in life was bigger for our friend Michael Vick than when he got married to his longtime girlfriend Kijfa Frink on this date in 2012.

It had been a roller coaster ride for Michael Vick in the previous decade.  Being the coolest guy in the league and playing the quarterback position like we’ve never seen to hating and murdering dogs, Michael Vick had been through a lot.  However one thing stood relatively constant for our friend Mike – his girlfriend Kijfa Frink.  In fact, let’s take a look at the Michael Vick timeline:

  • 1998-2001: Stud at Virginia Tech.  Future was looking bright for Michael Vick
  • 2001: Turned pro.  First pick in the draft.  Made an immediate impact for the shitty Atlanta Falcons
  • 2002: Met Kijfa Fink, the love of his life, at a nightclub
  • 2004: Vick and his entourage are stopped at an airport in Atlanta because they tried to steal a watch
  • 2005: Some women named Sonya Elliot filed a civil suit against Vick for giving her genital herpes.  Also alleged that Vick received treatment from a clinic under the name “Ron Mexico,” which to this day is one of the greatest pseudonyms out there.  I put it up there with “Carlos Danger”
  • 2006: Gave New Orleans fans the double bird
  • 2007: Got stopped in a Miami airport and handed over a water bottle filled with pot.
  • 2007: Got arrested for dog fighting and spent two years in jail
  • 2007-Present: People make dog fighting jokes about Michael Vick.
  • 2008: Went bankrupt
  • 2010: Was reinstated in the NFL
  • 2010-Present: Turned his life around and is now an upstanding citizen.

So I think it’s safe to say that his wife, Kijfa Frink, has been with Michael through thick and thin.  Theft, drugs, genital herpes, Ron Mexico, dog fighting, it doesn’t matter.  Frink is the love of Vick’s life and she stood by her man’s side every step of the way.  That’s true love, folks.  I can’t even imagine the hardcore sex they had during conjugal visits.

Let the Michael Vick Story be a lesson to all the Johnny Manziel and Marcus Vicks out there – you can always find yourself in trouble, but true love fixes everything.