Ketch and I go way back on this debate… A debate I imagine will infuriate some (Ketch fans) and others will 100% agree with me (sane people). Eli Manning? Not elite, not even close, MAYBE top half of QB’s.

Okay, he won us two super bowls. I GET IT. But he got them with catches that should NEVER have been caught. Tyree’s was unbelievable, but that is a wild throw in which he got lucky. He had Plaxico Burress making catches all season that were underthrown, overthrown, all over the fucking place – and Burress somehow would find the ball and with those stretch Armstrong arms, would haul it in.

He looks good in years when he has help, and bad in years without! 2015-16 his stats are stats that you would say: “Taylor, shut the fuck up, Eli is killing it.” And to that I say no, fuck that. He had Odell making catches that were UNREAL.

Listen, I’m going to be honest, 2016-17 is looking like it will be a phenomenal year for him. He’s got wide receivers who are studs and appear to be healthy (Cruz, I’m looking at you). But this upcoming “good” statistical year will only serve as proof that Eli can continue to throw subpar passes that his receivers will go out there make unbelievable catches at.

If you want to make the argument that Eli is “Eli-te” because he is an ironman and shows up every game then okay… I can’t rebut that. I get that knowing your guy is there every Sunday to start and run your offense is crucial.

But showing up and throwing passes like Brady or Rodgers are two totally separate things. “Elite” is a guy who perfectly places the ball, not gives his wide receivers a chance to catch a pass.

Eli, I love you. Thanks for the titles, but I way more thank the football gods for those catches being hauled in. Feel free to prove me wrong with great passes all year!