We have a nation of people who want to win. We live in a capitalist country where there are clear-cut winners and there are clear-cut losers. If you work hard, you can go from poor to rich and I truly believe that. I also believe if you don’t want to put in the time and the hard work, you won’t have that shore house or the nice car (or whatever it is people with money do with it). It is incredibly difficult to succeed – let me tell you – but I have a huge issue taking the easy way out, and KD, you deserve to be put on blast…

THIS is what I hate to see in America. THAT is a shortcut to winning. THAT is the easy road to get a title, which I really hope when he gets, he realizes isn’t what it should feel like.

LeBron must have felt that way winning in Miami… It was nice, but it wasn’t what it should feel like. Because winning by doing the dirty work, grinding it out with your team – riding highs and lows is what makes those successes so special.

KD, I sincerely hope WHEN you win a title, you think of Russ. I hope you think of OKC and the franchise you built there. This is the wrong move and from someone who’s been a longtime fan – enjoy the bay area. It’s been fun rooting for you and what you created, but you made yourself Public Enemy #1.