Yesterday in Coney Island Joey Chestnut gobbled down 70 goddamn hot dogs in 10 minutes.  That was Chestnut’s 9th Mustard Belt and it was a dominating performance.  Chestnut won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest every year from 2007-2014.  Last year, however, Matt Stonie dethroned Chestnut.

Was this the end of Chestnut?  Is Joey dead?  Most people, myself included saw last year’s defeat as a sign of the tides changing.  Just as it went from Kobayashi to Chestnut, it looked like the pendulum was swinging from Chestnut to Stonie.

Now I didn’t watch the Hot Dog Eating Contest live, I was busy drinking a lot of beers and coming in third place in a wiffleball tournament, but I did record the contest so that I could watch it later on.  I skipped most of the pregame stuff, except for when that angel Melanie Collins came onto my screen.


But I went right to the action.  I was actually pretty jacked up because I wanted to see how Chestnut would respond to last year’s disappointment as well as see how Stonie came out as this new, young hotshot.

Well let me tell you, Chestnut absolutely dominated.  In the first minute, he was already up by five dogs on Stonie.  Let me say that again:  In one minute, Chestnut ate five MORE hot dogs than Stonie.  Chestnut had ten dogs in one minute and somehow kept a 10 dog per minute pace for almost half of the freaking competition, before slowing down to a pace of “only” 7 dogs a minute.

Stonie, while a valiant effort, started off at respectable pace of about 7.5 dogs until he slowed down to around 5 dogs a minute in the final few minutes.  Chestnut absolutely dominated.  It was spectacular and heroic.  In the end, Chestnut ate 70 hot dogs – a Nathan’s Fourth of July record and thankfully, the Mustard Belt is back where it belongs, with Joey Chestnut.