Bonds ElkBonds Elk2Bonds Elk3

Personally, I did not see this one coming.  I’d say maybe golf or brewing beer or something like that for Bonds’ post baseball activities.  I did not however, imagine that Bonds would be the Elk Dundee of the world pulling in 600 pound 18 pointers and African Water Elks.

I can’t knock it though.  That’s true happiness and joy in Bonds’ eyes there.  He is in love with killing elks around the world.  I wish I had something in my life that made me that happy.  And don’t get me wrong; it’s very impressive that he’s appeared to have gotten this good at hunting this quickly.  He hasn’t been playing for what, seven years?  Two or three of those years he was in hiding and then the he was trying to make a better name for himself for a couple years and now he’s the Marlins hitting coach.  I would imagine that big game hunting takes a lot of time and practice.

Maybe those couple of years he was in hiding he was just at the local bar playing those big game hunting video games and realized “hey this is pretty sweet” and went ahead and started training for the real thing.  Maybe he’s taking out some pent up anger towards Jeff Kent.  Whatever it is, if you’re an elk in the world, you better watch your fucking back because Barry Bonds is coming for you.