Yeah, that might be a cheat code reference to GTA 3, but you’ll get the drift…

The last two days at work have been kind of days where I relentlessly defend my stance on why Durant made a decision I can’t agree with while others defend him to no end – “It’s all about winning!” “You would do the same!”

Well, today I used an interesting argument that worked beautifully with my younger colleagues – 2K.

How many people have done this in their lives… They start an NBA franchise (or Madden, or whatever) and trade to get all the best guys on your team. Somehow your lineup somehow looks like:

PG – Chris Paul
SG – Kobe Bryant
SF – Kevin Durant
PF – LeBron James
C –  Dwight Howard

Now I may have dated myself with my lineup selection, but you get the drift. Coming off the bench was probably Melo and D-Wade?

Now, WHEN you won the title with them (which you just plain suck at video games), didn’t it seem a little bit like you were expected to win, like what was this all for?

It’s not like you took a lowly Wizards team, made John Wall and Trevor Ariza play out of their minds to win it all… You were expected to win.

Look, Durant chose to turn the “Reject Trade” option off on Franchise Settings (those of you who get my 2K reference will understand I don’t actually think Durant got traded).

Durant chose to form the team that everyone creates at least once in their lives and feels like they cheated when they won… Cheating or not Kevin, this sure won’t feel the same.