Every #tbt I want to pay homage to some of our New York GOAT’s… More specifically a New York CHAMPION!!

This week, I want to pick a player who I sincerely and crazily believe won us the NFC Championship in Green Bay back in 2008. He was a fan-favorite in his stint in New York and a person I am proud to call a friend (on SnapChat)…

This week’s legend got his Super Bowl ring with our New York Football Giants when we took down the “unbeatable” 18-0 Patriots.

That man is Jared Lorenzen.

To explain this story wholly, I’ll rewind to BEFORE that Packers game – I told my buddies that IF the Giants win that game, I’ll buy a Lorenzen jersey. Lorenzen to us at that point was our backup QB who came in only once in a while to fall forward on 3rd/4th-and-short to simply fall forward – and it would work because SHIT who’s stopping that beast?!

Well, low and behold, we won that Packers game. And I – a man of my word – bought his jersey. Custom made that thing and sure enough – I rocked that at every game for YEARS. I would hear fans say as we waited in line to get in the stadium “Lorenzen!? Wasn’t that the backup QB from like years ago?” I’d proudly turn around and tell this story – sometimes I’d turn around and tell them I was his cousin just to fuck with them cuz – YOLO, why not?!

Then, one glorious day ladies & gentlemen, Lorenzen tweeted his SnapChat username, and that’s where our relationship just blossomed… Dare I say we were best friends?

After a few snaps back and forth, I got Jared Lorenzen – the man who I credit for helping jinx us into beating Farve in Lambeau – to agree to let me mail him his jersey to Kentucky, he’d sign it and mail it back…

Ladies & Gentlemen, THE Jared Lorezen sent it back, signed “Jared Lorenzen #13 Super Bowl XLII”.

I send it to him every once in a while with various captions, just letting him know, he’s still the fucking man.

Number 22 at Kentucky… Numbers 12 & 13 in NY… but still #1 to me. Jared Lorenzen, you are the man.

Join me next week as we’ll pay homage to another New York legend…