After a no-call on a check-swing today, Yunel Escobar draws the shape of home plate at short (why, I have no goddamn clue but we’ll ignore that for a second)… and gets fucking tossed for it!


[mlbvideo id=”919019283″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]
So you’re telling me drawing in the dirt warrants an ejection?


Here’s my thoughts… Escobar opened the door to what could potentially be one of the funniest things major leaguers can do – draw hilarious shit on the diamond.

Imagine he disagreed with the call and he spells out “Nice Call Jackass”. Even if he gets tossed, that would require quite a bit of raking before it gets fixed. And you bet your ass it goes viral – and everyone knows that’s the name of the game nowadays #Merica #MakeBaseballFunAgain.

All I’m saying is now that we know that’s an ejection, maybe we up the ante and spice up life. I’d like to see the next ejection be for a guy drawing a stick figure of the ump bending it over and taking one square in the turd cutter.