To be completely honest, I did not see that 180 coming. I thought for sure that this would be another idiot condemning an 18 year old kid for making a decision based upon what the kid thinks is best for his future, and ultimately his career. But, I was wrong, and I should know better than to question somebody like Big Vol Daddy.

Truthfully, you have to love somebody going on an onslaught against all the fans who take things way too far. These kids have the eyes of the nation upon them, and they are 18 at most. Some fans follow their every move, belittle them, and even give them death threats after they make “the wrong decision.”

As a senior in high school, I, like most kids my age, was staying out way past curfew and praying I wouldn’t get caught sneaking ‘shine. If somebody had tracked my every move I would’ve been mortified (as I’m sure most of you would have been as well); and because of this, we should all strive to be more like these fans:



Good people spreading good messages. If every fan was like this we wouldn’t have to have these types of rants about stupid fans tweeting stupid things at kids.

Great rant by Big Vol Daddy, I’m looking forward to more like that this season.


Cue It!


P.S. Are Vols really let down a stud wide receiver chose Clemson over them? I get he’s in an state talent but Clemson breeds Wide Receivers, especially recently. That’s never been one of Tennessee’s strongest suits, so the move to Clemson makes great sense. Seems like a no brainer if you want to make the NFL.