SDSIt’s safe to say that Chad Kelly has fully converted from being a Clemson Tiger to an Ole Miss Rebel.

At SEC Media Days, Kelly was asked about the team’s showdown with Magnolia Bowl rival LSU. The Rebels will travel to Baton Rouge this season, and Kelly used that to get in a shot at his old team, Clemson.



Swag Kelly does whatever the hell Swag Kelly wants, and I love it.

This is the EXACT attitude that the SEC has been built on. We are the juggernauts of college football, and we’re not afraid to tell you that, before, during, and after each game. It’s this kind of talk that has fueled some of America’s greatest rivalries, and Paul Finebaum’s career.

That being said, I called Chad Kelly winning the Heisman earlier this summer, in part because of this confidence. Nothing fazes the kid. He is a winner. Definitely not the type of player to make it to four title games in a row and lose every single one of them; and he may just prove that this year.

Imagine if he can get through the gauntlet that is the SEC West, and get a shot at his former Clemson team in the College Football Playoff? What an excellent story line, but until then…