This week I wanted to take a minute to fire up my loud and give a shout-out to one of New York’s greatest champions – not a Champion in the sense that most think of the word (Stanley Cup Champ, Super Bowl Champ, NBA Champ, etc)… Nah, this champion is one of a different variety.

And who is this champion I speak of??

Standing tall at 5’9″, point guard from the University of Washington… 2006, 2009 AND 2010 SLAM DUNK CHAMPION… NATHANIEL CORNELIUS ROBINSON!!!!!!!

I understand this may be a disappointing “champion” to some, but in a sport that New York is so starved for success, he was the brightest light since Van Gundy’s sparkling bald head was running our sidelines, so hey – haters gonna hate!!

In 2006, he jumped over ’86 champion Spud Webb… which is like “Bruh, can’t everyone jump over Spud? Ketch could jump over fuckin’ Spud Webb…” So what did Nate do in 2009? jumped over mother fucking seven foot Dwight Howard donning the green Knicks jersey and “Krypto-NATE”  took the title home!!

Now, all this is well and good, but there is one reason he made this honor of Taylor’s Hall of Fame (which I’m sure he is thrilled AF about)… The reason he made this list was his interview after winning one year.

Nate said he was happy he was quote: “…BRINGING THE CHAMPIONSHIP BACK TO NEW YORK!!!”

What kind of fucking savage considers the dunk contest “the championship”?! Bruh, you play for the Larry O’Brien trophy – not the trophy that gets you free Sprite for life!!

Only in New York would someone prioritize this contest that highly, and to Nate – he fulfilled what he was in New York to do… To bring a “championship” to New York – not necessarily THE Championship… Just “a”.

Well played Nate! Thanks for not just a ‘ship, but three! #KnicksTape