SDSMany Florida fans fondly remember the Steve Spurrier era (1990-2001), but not very many people put in the level of effort of Rich Ward, who is sharing the ink below on his Twitter account @rich559, to show it:

The 32-year-old Ward, who lives in Sanger, Calif. spoke to Adam Silverstein of, revealing he’s never actually been to a UF game in The Swamp, but loved watching the Fun N’ Gun era Gators. The tattoos on Ward’s calves show a helmet and a moment from after the Gators won the 2000 SEC Championship Game.


I’ve gotta be honest here. At first, I thought this is typical Florida but I’ll let it slide and say this is great, because he is paying homage to a legend…. But then I read the second part of Saturday Down South’s piece on it.


What a psychopath. This is the kind of makeup that Gators fans have though. They are all out of their minds. Take this guy for example:


Who the hell wears that in public?! Gators fans. Who gives us comedic material 24/7/365? Gators fans.  And who the hell gets tattoos paying homage to a coach and program they’ve never seen live? Gators fans.

Never change Florida, never ever change.