This has been a long season has it not?  It’s been stretched out because of the NBA Finals and the Fourth of July, but hey it’s been pretty entertaining.  But we are officially in the home stretch now.  The Final Four is set.  Jordan, Chase, Robby and Luke and JoJo will be meeting their families tonight.  It has the potential to be an electric night of family meeting.  Going into the Final Four, let’s look at the Power Rankings:


  1. Luke (1) – I don’t know guys, she is just entranced with Luke every time she’s around him.  It appears to be more of a connection with Jordan Rodgers, but every time Luke and JoJo kiss it’s like the hottest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.  Plus if he makes it past tonight (which I’m assuming he will), I have a feeling that JoJo’s brothers will like him way more than they will like Jordan Rodgers.

  2. Jordan Rodgers (2) – How about Jordan Rodgers throwing Aaron under the bus?  Now do you think it’s just Jordan that doesn’t like Aaron?  Or is the whole family salty towards Aaron’s success?  I guess I have to see the inside of the house and meet the family to make a true decision about this.  It might not hurt to hear Aaron’s side of it too.  It sounds like Aaron was the golden boy, and when Jordan came up everyone thought “oh boy here comes another Rodgers!  We got another gun slinger on our hands!” and then he proceeded to have a slightly above average career in high school and college.  So he (understandably) did not perform up to Aaron’s level and then got jealous/pissed for always being compared to Aaron.  This could play though because JoJo might see this as a project and try to mend their relationship.

  3. Robby (5) -Robby and Chase both have been so quiet this entire season, but have somehow marched their way to the Final Four.  I thought maybe, just maybe James Taylor’s sabotage would affect JoJo’s thoughts on Robby, but I guess if anything it actually helped him out.  I mean it’s beating a dead horse at this point, but I just cannot see a world where Robby and JoJo end up together.

    4. Chase (3) – Chase is a real good looking dude, but cannot put together more than five words at a time.  I’m very interested in meeting Chase’s parents.


  1. Luke
  2. Jordan Rodgers
  3. Chase
  4. James Taylor
  5. Robby

Other Highlights2016-07-18 (1)The guys rapped about how short Alex is on a bus.

Meanwhile, Alex and JoJo partook in the most awkward car ride of all time, making pringle duck faces, asking about wheat, sitting in the middle seat and trapping JoJo in the car. At the date, they made Alex dress up in a gaucho uniform that made him look even shorter.2016-07-18 (4)

Then JoJo and Alex watched a guy have sex with a horse.

This dude sure does love horses.  After that, JoJo and Alex laid on the dead horse.2016-07-18 (9)I don’t know I didn’t get it.  At dinner Alex told JoJo he loved her.2016-07-18 (10)And here was JoJo’s response….2016-07-18 (11)“Damnit Alex…”  Well obviously Alex was sent home.  Later, JoJo had a date with Chase, Robby and James Taylor and James Taylor tried shove as many french fries in his mouth as possible:

And James Taylor tried to sabotage Robby, which did not work and James Taylor went home.

Well there we go.  Tonight is going to be LIT.