Sunday, in honor of Vin Scully’s 67th and last season of announcing Dodger baseball, one of my favorites in the league right now – Yasiel Puig – rocked some of the most fuego kicks I’ve ever seen with Vin’s face on the side of the shoe.

“Win for Vin” is one of those motto’s I can really get behind, because like most Americans, if a phrase is 3 syllables that I can stretch to 4, and I can chant it whenever I want during a game, odds are – I fucking will… Merica.


Puig’s classy move comes a day after another “Yasiel being Yasiel” moment, when  he grounded out in the 12 with the bases loaded to end the inning, and in HILARIOUS fashion carried his bat all the way to 1st base, and then proceeded to use the bat on his helmet to take out his frustration.

<Watch Puig Beat the Piss Out of his Helmet>

It was awesome, I just become more and more of a Puig guy every day.