About two years ago, word got out that a scouting director for the St. Louis Cardinals hacked the Astros computer system.  I remember when this initially became public and I remember thinking “why the hell are the Cardinals, one of the most successful organizations over the past fifteen years, hacking the goddamn Astros, one of the shittiest franchises over the past decade?”

But when you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense.  The Astros as aforementioned, sucked for quite some time.  What this scouting director, Chris Correa, did was hack the Astros system and stole lists of every draft eligible player with reports.  The Astros who were looking to rebuild certainly did their due-diligence of research on these lists so they were undoubtedly thoroughly done.  So essentially what happened was Chris Correa took scouting reports and likely used them.  A pretty scummy move.

The other striking part about this whole story is how exactly he hacked the system: it wasn’t some intense hacking with algorithms and whatever the hell else you need to hack.  What happened was a scouting director for the Cardinals left St. Louis for a job in Houston.  He turned over his laptop and when this Chris Correa guy cleaned it out, he found out the guys password and tried logging in using “similar” passwords and apparently it worked.

When I hear this though, I have to wonder what this guy who left’s password was.  Was it 12345 in St. Louis and then 1234567 in Houston?  I mean come on, man.  You have got to change it up more.  Maybe it was “boobs69” in St. Louis and then “b00b569” in Houston?  I don’t know.  Crazy shit.

So anyway, Chris Correa faced up to 25 years in prison (five years for each count of unauthorized access of a computer) which honestly would have been pretty goddamn ridiculous.  So instead he’s going to jail for 46 months.  I guess the only question is that is this going to be a nice white collar prison, or a federal, “pound me in the ass” prison?