B/RWith an eye toward player safety, the NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee and American Football Coaches Association have reportedly discussed eliminating kickoffs from college football.

According to a Monday report by Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com, the two bodies have had “informal talks” about finding an alternative for kickoffs, although they likely would not implement changes any earlier than the 2018 season.

Per Dodd, Big 12 Commissioner and oversight committee Chairman Bob Bowlsby believes kickoffs put players at risk more than anything else in the sport of football: “I don’t think there is any doubt it is the most dangerous play in the game. How much that’s the case and how we can fix it is unknown.”

Although the data is preliminary, it appears injuries occur on kickoffs more often than other play types, and AFCA executive director Todd Berry believes that makes a rule change worth looking into. It’s unclear how the NCAA intends to replace kickoffs should it reach that point, but the wheels are in motion to find other options at the least.


This is the pussification of America coming to the forefront, and may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. No more kickoffs?! What would they do, just start off at the 20?!

I get that the fear of concussions is huge and is motivating this shift, but kickoffs have created some of the most exciting plays in the history of the game. There are few things that are more enjoyable than watching someone field the kickoff and take it to the house. If you get rid of this, then you get rid of excitement in football, and that is something I cannot stand for.

In addition… Think about the kickers!! This is just one step closer to eliminating them from the games, bless their hearts.

They’ve already had the NFL trying to taint their image by moving the extra point back further (which has only led to widespread criticism of kickers everywhere), but now this is being kicked around (pun intended) by college football?! At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until the position is completely eradicated, which will be a very sad day for us all.

Think about it, without kickers we don’t have any great moments of triumph like this:


We all need to unite behind the sanctity of kickers and embrace the beauty of the kickoff.