Jameson Taillon was pitching pretty well early in the game and then in the second inning Herman Perez of the Milwaukee Brewers hit a screamer up the middle and it smashed Taillon off the side of the head before ricocheting into left field.

Too many times we’ve seen a liner go off a pitcher’s head or face and it’s been a horrifying scene of blood and unconsciousness.  It’s always scary when this type of shit happens, but it’s part of the game.  (On a side note, it’s wild how one slide every three years that results in a leg injury can change a rule, but every year at least 3-5 pitchers get drilled with a liner and nothing happens, but I digress).  So eventually these crazy Mario and Luigi hats came out that were supposed to change the game, but in reality only Fernando Torres wore.

But the real story of the Jameson Taillon liner is that after he took the ball off his head, he stayed in the game for another four fucking innings.  That’s incredible to me.  He said he never lost consciousness and remembers getting hit with the ball, going down and seeing the play.  The medical staff came out and took their time, but decided that he was alright to continue.

First, props to Taillon for even wanting to stay in the game.  A lot of times when pitchers take a liner off the dome and leave the game, their next start they still may have some residual fear of it happening again (understandably so).  Taillon I’m sure was given the option to stay in and he took that option.  But even more crazy was how well he pitched after getting hit in the head.  His final stat line was six innings, three strikeouts, no walks and one run before Mark Melancon stole the win with a Josh Harrison little league homer in the bottom of the ninth.

It’s just a very impressive game from Taillon and an incredible ability to stay focused throughout the start after getting hit in the head.  It’s got to be so hard to bounce back right after getting hit like that and Taillon kept his composure and did just that.  I’m sure he’s got himself a hell of a headache today, but last night Taillon definitely won the toughest guy of the day.