Welcome to the third installment of Would You Rather Wednesday.  In the climate in which I hail, it appears that allergies are a big hit this year.  Everywhere I look people are sniffling, sneezing, rubbing their eyes, coughing and doing other gross things that come with allergies.  So for this week, I decided to go with a couple of allergy staples: Runny Nose and Itchy Eyes.

The Question: Would you rather always have a stuffy nose or always have itchy eyes?

The Stipulations:

For Stuffy Nose: It’s important to note that this is a stuffy nose, NOT a runny nose.  While every now and then you may get that warm stream of snot leaking out of your nostril, it is not like a faucet.  It’s more just general discomfort and no matter how much you blow your nose, it’s still stuffed.

For Itchy Eyes: Pretty self-explanatory, itchy and watery eyes all day every day.

The Case against stuffy nose:

Well I think on the most basic level, we all know that stuffy noses fucking suck.  It’s hard to breathe.  You always have that one nostril that’s kind of open and the other one that’s filled to the brim.  Then when you sleep if you sleep on your back they’re both kind of full so you roll onto one side the one nostril gets cleared up and the other is painfully full, so you roll to the other side and do the same thing.  You’re always sniffing and everyone gets annoyed, just stuffy noses suck.

The Case against itchy eyes:

With itchy eyes comes watery eyes.  Your eyes are red so people make a stupid joke about how it looks like you’re high and then you get all self-conscience about it.  It’s a bitch to wear contacts and then people call you four eyes.  Not that any of that has ever happened to me or anything…

Ketch’s Verdict:

Well considering that I have a stuffy nose for about 50 of 52 weeks a year I will go with that.  No but really the reason is because when you have itchy and watery eyes, it affects how you look and everyone is always asking you what’s wrong.  You can hide a stuffy nose a little bit easier and even though you might need to mouth breathe a little bit, most people look at your eyes.  With a stuffy nose, your eyes aren’t going to fucked up.  I take stuffy nose.