TMZFormer Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel was involved in a fistfight at a fancy Hawaiian resort the night before his friend’s wedding.

Manziel was at the Four Seasons Resort on the Big Island on Friday night when he got into it with another wedding guest, who he struck in the face.

Manziel has not commented, but the next day, the other guy in the fight got a surprise from room service — a bottle of champagne and a note signed by Manziel that read, “Truly apologize. Should have never done that. Know this won’t make it better, but hope it starts the day off alright.”



Just when everything is going so great. Just when I think I can trust you. Just when the Aggies think they can trust you. Hell, just when AMERICA thinks they can trust you. You fight a friend’s wedding guest?!?!

Everyone knows the rule at a wedding is to let the bride and groom have their day. You don’t make it about yourself or do anything to draw attention away from the both of them.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING justifies punching someone in the face at the rehearsal dinner. He could disrespect my whole family and I would at least give him a pass until the wedding was over (when I’d open a can of whoop ass like my name was Captain Insane-o).

Johnny would’ve been better off objecting to the marriage, stealing the cake out of the groom’s hand, and banging all of the bridesmaids during the ceremony.

And the worst part… He apologized already! He can’t even plead ignorance at this point!

Rookie mistake Johnny, have you never watched Seinfeld? I would’ve Costanza’d the shit out of that altercation. You just act like you didn’t know it was wrong. If you believe its common courtesy to fight at the rehearsal dinner then nobody can hold it against you.

You’re so much better than this Johnny, we just need you to prove it.

….Hit it!