It does get to a point where you start to think that there’s something in the Boston water that’s causing every goddamn starting pitcher on the rotation to pitch like shit.  Drew Pomeranz made his Red Sox debut last night and posted a line of 3 IP, 5 ER, 8 H, 2 HR, 2 BB and 4 Ks.  Immediately, people were calling for Dombrowski’s head since he sent a good pitching prospect to San Diego to get the 27 year old lefty.  But should we be freaking out?  Was this one bad start or is there really something in the water?

The short answer is no.  Pomeranz has been in the league since his age 22 season.  He has pitched in the AL West for parts of five of the six years he’s been in the league.  The Giants, who he faced last night, have had success off of him.  Current players on the Giants have a .295 batting average and an OPS of .915 against Pomeranz over the course of his career.

He’s been good this year and since 2013, his ERA has been below 3 (with the exception of 2014 where it was a respectable 3.66).  His WHIP has been in the range between 1.06 and 1.19 over that span as well.  Pomeranz is a good pitcher and he has performed well over the past three years.  Here’s the issue though: he’s already thrown more innings this year than he has in any season he’s spent in the Majors.

Right now he’s at 105 innings pitched, where his previous high for IP was 96.2.  This is also the first time since 2012 that he’s been strictly a starter and not a swingman.  So this is kind of uncharted territory with Pomeranz right now.  He’s never been this successful and been strictly a starter this late in the season.  Plus, and I know people hate this excuse, but you cannot tell me that playing in San Diego is the same as playing in Boston.  He just went from the chill, last place Padres to the Sox where it’s a win always mentality and is thrown into the middle of a division race.  The age 27-28 seasons (where he is now) is usually when you start to see a pitcher really begin to reach his potential.  He’s trending in the right direction and has good stuff so no, it’s not time to panic.

His next start is against the shitty Twins so if he can’t get out of the third in that start, then I’ll start to maybe think about hitting the panic button.