This week, my Hall of Fame inductee isn’t going to be a popular selection. My fellow writers Ketch & Miller are going to scrutinize me for this, and I welcome it… Why? Because this is America. And if you’re not pissing someone off, you’re probably not making the right moves!

This week the selection isn’t coming from Madison Square Garden or the Meadowlands… Nay, this selection comes from the Bronx. This selection won three World Series with the Yanks… That man? CHUCK KNOBLAUCH.

To me, Chuck was a legend. He came to town with some pretty steep expectations that he and Jeter would be the best double play duo since ‘Nam… And while there may have been some speed bumps along the way, Chuck made it rain.

There are two things about Chuck I’ll never forget – his incredible batting stance, and the time he threw the ball so far over first base that it hit an old lady in the head.


Like, in all seriousness, how did this stance even FEEL right? Look where that bat is… It’s hilarious! What’s better is that he hit the ball pretty damn well too. Imagine as a pitcher you see some jackass come up to bat like that and he smokes the ball off you? I bet you feel like a REAL dingle-berry.

(Chuck, if you’re reading this – EVERY created player I made in an MLB video game – if I didn’t elect the “Ken Griffey Jr” stance – I made it Chuck Knoblauch.)

And lastly, this story may or may not be 100% true… It is one of those stories in the Taylor family that may be folklore and the truth is so far from how I remember it that it’s ridiculous… But this is Water Cooler Sports and I don’t give too much of a fuck to care…

I remember there was a throw Chuck made from 2nd to 1st – a routine play. Where he CANNONED the ball into the stands. Overthrew first by a mile and (again, as I remember) doinked some old lady in the head. To my knowledge that old women was “okay” but anytime the Taylor boys were playing catch and a ball got overthrown, there certainly were some “Knoblauch” references made and laughter about hitting some old lady in the head.

Chuck, you are a fucking legend in my book. Three World Series for the Yanks will do that. Unconventional and unpredictable – Congratulations on being the 3rd person inducted to the Taylor NY Champions’ Hall of Fame.