Let me preface this by saying I’m not a guy who sees signs.

Friday night, I had a dream.  Not a Martin Luther King dream, but another dream.  I dreamt* that I made a Jim Morris esq comeback by using the knuckleball.  That was the first thing that made me think “hm.”  You may now be thinking “Ketch, come on man.  I have dreams about banging my girlfriend’s hot stepmom like the movies, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do this.”  Well of course it would take more than just a silly dream for me to actually see this as a sign.

Well after I woke up and went to work, I turned the TV on and saw the Blue Jays were pitching.  Guess who was the starting pitcher for the Jays?  You got it!  RA Dickey, a knuckleballer.  Maybe there was something to that dream.

I bartend for my summer job and thought “eh Saturday days are boring, maybe I’ll throw some cash on this game.”  So I did.  I took the first half over.  And guess what?  It hit.  Sign three.  You know what they say: once, twice, three times a sign.

Now I’m going to disregard the fact that Dickey actually got his tits ripped off this start and gave up about 10 earned runs in like three innings and just say that the dream, Dickey starting and the winning bet are a sign that it is my destiny to attempt a comeback as a knuckleballer.  Actually you know what?  I’ll spin Dickey’s shitty start into my favor.  The world needs better knuckleballers and I will be that man.

Don’t worry though, I’ll update you all every step of the way as I rise the ranks to a Cy Young Award – or maybe just an adult league number two starter.


*Fun fact – Dreamt is the only word in the English language that ends in mt.