Dion Waiters – FIRE YOUR AGENT.

Can I ask what the hell is going on here?!

For the price that Pat Reilly signed Dion Waiters, you would think this kid came with the injury woes of Derrick Rose, the locker-room problems of Boogie and the drug history of Birdman Anderson all rolled into one super human.

Dion Waiters will make about $3 million this year after an offseason where Matthew Dellavedova signed a deal where he’ll make $10 million a year… For less than the price of THREE Dion Waiters, the Bucks got Delly.

Honestly, I’m not saying he’s a stud, but this is outrageous. He didn’t take a pay-cut with a contender (thanks to KD). He just seemingly got nothing in a year where GM’s were raring to light money on fire (see LA Lakers’ deal for free agent “prize” Timofey Mozgov).

Honestly, Dion, I’m not a “Waiters Guy” myself, but for the love of God have some respect for yourself. If you think your agent did his job, then you really think you suck – and you don’t SUCK.

Now nut up, fire that agent and hold out like a real professional would until that contract gets re-done!