Today at a charity event coaches Will Muschamp and Dabo Swinney crossed paths, and this was the outcome:

This just proves that Dabo will never be an elite coach. He literally put his tail between his legs and Clemson’d as soon as Muschamp dropped the bomb on him.

You think Meyer would laugh this off like Dabo did? No shot. You think Saban lets you leave the premises without having a hit out on you? HELL NO. Shit, even LOU HOLTZ would’ve thrown a punch!

I don’t care that Dabo’s always been more of a “drake type,” or that he dances all the time; I don’t care that it was at a charity event; I don’t care that he may have been joking. YOU NEVER LET A RIVAL COACH TALK ABOUT YOUR WIFE.

Especially when you have a wife that looks as hot as this:



You have to man up and defend your honor, and the fact that Dabo didn’t do that proves that he isn’t ready to win a national championship.

The tweet above was right. It’s officially Muschamp- 1, Dabo-0. Your move Dabo.


That being said, dealing with Muschamp is no walk in the park…