In our fourth week of what can only be called the most illustrious grouping of human beings in the history, we get to induct another Big Blue Super Bowl Champion, an absolute workout nut, and from all accounts, a really #neat dude – Steve Weatherford!

Lots of stories surround Steve but I’ll try to keep them quick and brief, but god this dude is a legend…

Steve Weatherford was part of that unbelievable season of Hard Knocks when he was a part of the Jets, and I believe that’s where he love for pleasing the fans through the media was born. He was given a platform to show off Steve and he did just that – one day bringing 100 shake weights to camp, because let’s face it: shake weights are hilarious.

In the 2010 playoffs, Weatherford had a heart issue that kept him from playing in the game, and I honestly think it made him into the workout nut that he is today – “body’s a temple” and all that jazz (not something I abide by necessarily, but I respect it).

Lucky for everyone in Big Blue nation, the Giants signed Weatherford in 2011 as we were transitioning from another legendary punter in Jeff Feagles. Weatherford was multiple times called the strongest player “pound-for-pound” on the team by multiple teammates! And guess what guys – HE WON US A SUPER BOWL.

Okay, maybe not really, but he was a crucial part of the team that year and honestly, I believe his positivity and workout ethic are contagious… In my mind – and that’s all that really matters – he was the reason we won.

Steve, thanks being a crucial part of that Super Bowl win… I’ll never forget watching that game from Syracuse, NY, a joyous moment in my life.

And for those interested, his Instagram is OUTRAGEOUS (IG: weatherford5), lots of workout shit and just inspiration quotes for those out there that enjoy that good stuff #GetLIVIN #TeamWeatherford.