This story is too funny.

Evidently this afternoon, Draymond probably decided it’d be a #goodlook to send some babe a dick pic… We’ve all been there, but we haven’t all done THIS…

Draymond accidently My Story’s the picture of his junk. TEN MINUTES then go by before he realizes what he was done!


Following it up with a tweet claiming he was hacked, we later realize the truth and Dray just sucks at SnapChat… The dude is OUR AGE and can’t figure out the difference between snapping a chick a delicate photograph of his junk and My Story’ing it for the world to see?!

I actually would understand if this was like Kobe, or someone older who maybe doesn’t get it due to a generational gap, but this kid is our age… BRUH, Come on!!!

Listen, at the end of the day, I think Draymond Green just has an unhealthy asphyxiation with dicks: he kicks ’em, he SnapChats ’em, he is one, and he probably had to suck KD’s in order to form the gayest thing in San Fran – their “Super Team”.

Hater are gonna hate, and GSW, that’s what I’ll be here to do all the live long day!