A couple weeks ago, Amare signed a one day contract with the Knicks to retire with the team and then presumably took a 9 hour bath in some nice pinot noir to celebrate.  A few days ago, it as announced that Amare signed a two year contract with the Israeli team that he was a part owner of, Hapoel Jerusalem.

People forget that Amare is a born-again Jew or something.  He’s Jewish at least – not sure if “born-again” applies here because I suppose that would mean he was a Jew, then stopped being a Jew and is now again a Jew.  Whatever the case is, he’s a later life/born-again Jew.  So because of that, I guess it makes sense that he was a part owner of an Israeli team, but what’s this whole deal about fulfilling a dream of winning an Israeli and Euroleague title?  I wasn’t aware that kids everywhere dreamt of growing up to win a Euroleague.  Call me old fashioned, but the only basketball championship that matters takes place in the US of A.

So this begs the question, is Amare the most aggressive title hunter of all time?  I  mean he left the Knicks in 2014 because he wanted a shot at the title.  Then he signed with the Mavs and Heat, both of whom were supposed to be title contenders.  I get that.  When players get older, they often try to get on some year-to-year contracts on teams that have a legit shot of winning it all.  And Amare is no different.  He just wants that ring.  Amare himself even said he would be open to signing a deal with the Warriors and would have done that over playing in Israel.  Uhh no shit.  But the Warriors didn’t offer him anything so now he’s playing in Israel where the commissioner said he’s the greatest player every to play in Israel.  I’ll say it again: Uhh no shit.

Here’s the thing though, Amare has to sell his ownership in the team to be able to play.  I don’t know about you, but I’d be much happier sitting in my beautiful house in America, watching the money roll in rather than sell my part of the team, pick up everything and move to a place where there’s been a Holy War going on for 2000 years.  Maybe that’s just me.  But maybe Amare is looking to Stephon Maurbury Israel.  Maybe he wants a museum and musical made for him.  Maybe he really is just that desperate for a ring.  Whatever the reason is, I hope he does get that ring.  Otherwise, what a fucking waste.

One more thing – Amare is only 33 years old??? I feel like he’s been in the league for 20 years!