Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed at myself that it took til Week 5 to honor such a stylin’ and profilin’ New York champion like this week’s honoree – Welcome to the Hall Walt “The Clyde” Frazier!!!

In his heyday, Walt was swishin’ and dishin’ out on the Garden nightly – and that was back when the Garden actually was Eden! He took our franchise to a place it only dreams of nowadays and helped win us two NBA Finals in ’70 and ’73.

Frazier still is in the records books in Knicks’ history as all-time assist leader in franchise history… But his talents on the floor alone aren’t what get him in MY NY Hall of Fame… Hell no!

Walt gets in in my book for his unreal commentary and sideline presence.


Between the shit that comes out of his mouth (“Bounding & Astounding”, “Posting & Toasting”, “Moving & Grooving”, etc) to his wardrobe – which he literally must spend every last dollar he ever sees on – Walt has been the only “Knick with (any) Knack” for the longest time.

A champion by his skills on the court, but a true Taylor Hall of Famer with a style and grace all his own.


Walt, I can’t wait to watch you for 82 wonderful games this season with an additional, and honestly inevitable, 16 playoff games to follow (en route to a 98-0 sweep of every game this upcoming ’16-’17 season to an NBA championship).

Congrats on being inducted into this illustrious crew – just keep doin’ the damn thing brother!