A couple days ago I was watching Italy and the US play men’s indoor volleyball and I got irrationally outraged that one of Italy’s main colors on their uniform was blue.  Let me ask you something: Where the fuck do you see blue in this flag?ItalyFlagPicture6.pngYeah that’s right.  Nowhere.  Italian colors are red, green and white.  Uh hey, Earth to Italy, those colors on your flag mean something, dumbasses.  White is probably purity or something and then red is usually for bloodshed in a war and then green is I don’t know, maybe pesto sauce?  Whatever it is, somebody made that flag to reflect your nation.  You don’t just get to choose another color because it looks neat and all the cool countries have blue in their uniform.Italy

And then there’s Australia, who for whatever reason decided that they want to make their uniforms fucking green and yellow.  Um what?


I mean what the hell?  Aussie UniformThat’s not even close to the Australian flag!  I mean are those colors maybe a bit more “Australian” than the colors on their flag?  Yeah I guess and maybe the Union Jack brings back memories of when Australia was part of the Commonwealth and no entirely free, so they’re looking to get a new identity and don’t want to be seen as Great Britain’s, loud, drunk little brother.  Okay you know what?  I’ve just done a 180 on Australia.  Their uniforms are fine.  But maybe look into changing your flag.  May I suggest something like this?:Kangaroo FlagOr you know, something like that.

Italy though has no excuses.


UPDATE: After some quick research (google) Italy wears blue because they are paying tribute to the Royal House of Savoy or something.  Whatever.