If this was Oregon Trail, this would be the time we decide to ford the Hudson and head west, but not too far because this is a New York post after all. We’ll stop in the swamplands of Jersey for Week 5 of my Hall of Fame inductee – #4 for the New Jersey Devils, SCOTT STEVENS!!!

Ol’ Scotty was a true New Jersey champion, winning 3 Stanley Cups in his illustrious tenure. He brought the franchise its first Stanley Cup in 1995 when we swept the heavily favored Detroit Red Wings, as well as winning the Con Smythe Trophy in 2000.


Honestly, he was just one of the baddest defenders in the game. He hit hard and he hit often, the man deserves all the respect in the world. Don’t believe me – ask Eric Lindros! Just kidding, he can’t remember anything after this hit…

Scotty is also from Essex Fells, a wonderous little town in New Jersey – a town my family is intertwined in and has been for 50+ years. Stevens will even come down to “The Pond” a beautiful little spot in town that freezes over and he’ll skate around with the kids and honestly, is just a all round great guy. You couldn’t tell by looking at him that he’s a pro athlete (hell, I personally have missed him walking through a convenient store MULTIPLE times when I was there), but that’s what’s great about him – he’s a regular dude… And we all know there’s simply nothing better than that – just guys bein’ dudes!

Congrats Scotty on being the #5 inductee to our New York Sports Hall of Fame!! An illustrious honor, I’m sure, thanks for making my childhood full of watching some winning hockey and turning the New Jersey Devils into a legitimate hockey franchise.

Stay tuned next week as we continue this tradition of excellence with number six!