The US sent two teams to compete in women’s beach volleyball.  Obviously we have Kerri Walsh-Jennings and April Ross, but we also sent the team of Lauren Fendrick and Brooke Sweat.  Yesterday the team of Fendrick and Sweat had to win to advance to the knockout stage of the Olympics and unfortunately they lost in a tight game against those PED using commie bastards from Russia.

But the story here was Brooke Sweat.  She tore her goddamn rotator cuff in her right arm like six months ago.  Now I’m no medical expert, but I’m pretty sure you need your rotator cuff to be intact when you play volleyball since you use it basically every time you hit the ball.

So Brooke Sweat who was an absolute stud in college at Florida Gulf Coast and made the transition to beach volleyball a few years ago, really wanted to compete in the Olympics. She got second and third opinions trying to avoid surgery since that would then mean she wouldn’t be able to compete in Rio.  The third doctor she saw said “I’ll clean it out for you, but it’s really going to fucking hurt when you play.”  She took that option.

Through the Olympic Trials and then in Rio, she was playing with a torn rotator cuff.  She would take 4-5 cortisone shots before the games to try and ease the pain.  Sweat, who is only 5’8″ was a hard hitter and now had to rely on finesse and placement in her game.  Other teams knew she was hurting so they served to her first, thus forcing her to try and kill it and Brooke Sweat took it all and played her ass off.

I watched the game yesterday that her and Fendrick lost and it was truly an incredible and inspiring performance by Brooke Sweat.  She was diving everywhere, digging, spiking and serving and you knew that with each movement of her arm, she was feeling a crank in that shoulder.  I don’t know how she did it, nor how she played that well, but I was sitting on my couch saying “wow” every time she hit the ball.

Sadly Fendrick and Sweat lost and are eliminated from this Olympics, but they both have nothing to be ashamed of, especially Sweat who gave one of the grittiest performances I’ve ever seen.  She’s only 30 and a lot of beach volleyball players do play into their 30s and even early 40s so hopefully she gets her surgery and we see her again in Tokyo in 2020 at full strength.