Week 6 we get to honor one of those guys that was just a real A-hole, but at the same time gave us some unbelievable years for our New York Football Giants…


Shockey was on the roster for our heroic “David vs. Goliath” 2007 victory over the infamous 18-1 New England Patriots… Now, you may be having trouble picturing him on the field. That’s because he actually wasn’t there – Jeremy was in the press box. He was injured for the game, which was shocking because he played such a conservative brand of football…


Anyway, as cameras panned his way throughout Super Bowl XLII, he always had another beer in front on him. Dude was getting SLOSHED during the game like an animal.

I imagine he partied as hard as we would watching the Super Bowl, with just ZERO regard for the fact that he might have to go see his teammates after the game.

(Honestly, a crazy thing to me is that I can find ZERO pictures of this as backup that this actually happened – totally destroying the unbelievable journalist integrity I have built thus far at WCS. Go ahead, prove me wrong and find a picture on Google of Jeremy Shockey getting shitfaced in the press box during the 2007 Super Bowl… You can’t. I don’t know what kind of bullshit that is, but the internet really let me down today. Bunch a bull if you ask me.)

I really got off topic there, but Jeremy Shockey was a total savage for our team, he bullied other teams and was just a real jack-wagon at the end of the day, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Also, this can’t be left unsaid: Shockey got a tattoo during his tenure on the Giants that, that on a ‘Merica scale from 1 to 10, easily hits 1776…


Jeremy, welcome to this elite class of individuals – New York’s finest champions needed a firey guy like you to spice it up.

Stay tuned for next week’s inauguration of #7 as we continue our walk down the New York Hall.