Alright, I want to run this by everyone and would appreciate any and all feedback…

Nine years ago, I made one of the greatest purchases of my life. I was in high school, had money to light on fire from working all the time and bought the Hefty Lefty’s jersey – #13 Jared Lorenzen, backup QB for THE New York Football Giants!

That jersey has seen us win two Super Bowls, been inside (take that sensually) both Giants Stadium and MetLife, and is the reason Jared Lorenzen and I are now best friends (not really, BUT we do have a SnapChat relationship that is hilarious and we occasionally will tweet at each other so like, nbd).

Unfortunately, with age every great jersey must be properly retired. That one got the greatest retirement possible – an autograph by that player (a Super Bowl champion) and it will be forever enshrined no matter where I live.

The problem here lies in that I no longer have a jersey for NFL Sundays, and I know I am heading to Giants Stadium (yeah, I called it by it’s REAL name @JetsFans) twice this year,  so I am going to need a replacement.

My list has been narrowed down to these three studs: Larry Donnell (TE), Brad Wing (P) and Ryan Nassib (QB).

Let’s start with the Donnell jersey. Being able to bring back “Get your 84 jerseys out!” but reference Larry Donnell, NOT Randy Moss, would be hilarious to me. Plus, I’m a biiiig Donnell guy. Section 338 at Giants Stadium has a lot of Donnell haters, but I always back him up. At last year’s 49ers game, I got into it with this old guy and his wife/daughter who sit right behind us about how Donnell is legit after they were freaking out how much he sucks… Well, guess what? Donnell makes an unreal catch at the end to win the game and I gave it to those chumps. I may buy that jersey just to spite those two so they’ll have to see his jersey every time I come to a game. Suck on that nerds.


The next player, Brad Wing, is just a no brainer. A punter’s jersey is and always will be hilarious. WCS Ketch has a Steve Weatherford jersey, and that is AWESOME, but we knew more about Steve Weatherford than we know about Brad Wing. Weatherford gives a play-by-play of his life on social media. I don’t know if this guy Wing is secretly a psycho or what. I know he’s from Australia – there’s that! Honestly though, all I know is punters are funny jerseys to rock… But is that enough??


And then last but certainly not least, we have Ryan Nassib. The backup QB jersey, much like the punter, gets the default giggle from fans everytime – which is what I’m all about. Plus, the dude is from Cuse (aka the College Football mecca) where I spent 8 years of my life… It seems like getting the backup QB jersey has done me well in the past, so a little part of me is like, “Bro, do it for the team!” And honestly, I was on the fence, even pretty close to ordering this Nassib jersey earlier this summer, and then last night happened… I was made aware that my roommate’s sister’s college roommate MARRIED RYAN NASSIB. Now, I’m not saying that is the sign I needed, but it sure as hell gets me that Jared Lorezen-esque connection I need with the guy whose jersey I’m going to rock for the next 5+ years. I haven’t even mentioned his 158.3 PERFECT QB rating from his 2015 campaign (5-5, 68 yards and a TD), but there is always this issue – will be be a Giant beyond 2016? His contract is up after this season and we have let some bona fide STUD backup QB’s in the past walk after their contracts (see David Carr & Jared Lorenzen), so that makes me nervous…


Alright, so now, I want some feedback. I think all these player’s longevity on the team is about equal (not great), but let’s see who you, the fans, pick. To quote the great Marcus Vick: #letmekno.