Last Thursday night Water Cooler Sports entered a world that we’ve been meaning to get into since Day 1 of our (totally not a ripoff of Barstool) website… And that world? GAMBLING.

In my 8 years of #college, I met few people further engrossed in the gambling world than the man we’ve brought on to be our Gambling Kingpin. So let’s welcome to the site – Marty Quinn aka Creegladolla’s!!

Marty had a knack for finding the best way to bet games, and find those hidden gem games that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Since bringing him on board last Thursday, Creegladolla’s is 2-1 when I ask him for his “locks” for the day.

Friday, he took the over on the Phillies Cardinals game with the line set at 9.5. He lost this game, but as any good gambler knows – you gotta spend money to make money (basic Economics 101), and Marty came back strong Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday he took the over on McGregor and nailed that one, and Sunday, he followed it up by taking Royals money line over the Twins. Easy win there.

So staring at his “Lock History” Creegladolla’s is 2-1 and we will keep track of his success so our fans have a genius to bet alongside (or against for the haters).


Welcome to the squad Creegladolla’s – good to have another Columbus member on the team!



Follow here: @WCS_Marty