Here’s the deal… First off, I’m gonna be sending most of my blogs from my phone so be ready for shitty grammar and absolutely incorrect spelling. Also, if you have a problem with my picks – get lost and go online and read odds shark or ESPN because I don’t want to hear it. You’re going to want to take the time to read this.

Second off, I want to thank WCS for allowing me to give you all free money every night. Now I’m gonna be honest with you I’m all over the place, so just bare with me and trust the method to my madness.

Third off – who wants the locks for tonight?

7 o’clock: Texas Rangers ML -118

The rangers are the team to bet right now and I’m not gonna back down on them just yet. Yes they are traveling but they had an off day and the Reds are the Reds. They are unpredictable in betting and Rangers always bail that man who’s struggling at the bar out when he’s literally lost everything they have taken all week…

10 o’clock: Yankees game will be my hint for later lock. #Over? Am I right?



Today marks the first of many for our gambling guru Marty Quinn. You can also follow him at @WCS_Gambling!!