Tis’ the season folks!! I’m talking Fantasy Football Draft Season!!!

I want to show you how EASY it is to draft an actually PERFECT team that is #guaransheed to win it all. Here we go…

For this scenario, we are going to talk about a 10-team league where maybe you get lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to pick 2nd… And guess what? I have the ultimate fantasy draft guide to help you pick the best team so that by the end of the fantasy year, when the Giants, Jets AND Bills all head into the playoffs you’ll be on top of the world as your league champion, yelling “Who’s your daddy?!”. Here’s what to do with your that #2 spot.

Round 1, Pick 2 – OBJ. Easy choice here. He puts up massive numbers and I expect with the addition of Sheperd, potentially Cruz, and (I’m sticking with this kid) Geremy Davis, OBJ may see less keying in on JUST him. Keep in mind he is still so young and his potential is unreal.


Round 2, Pick 19 – Brandon Marshall. This is a tiny reach BUT all the New York media is raving about him being in the best shape of his career, and honestly, I never thought of him as out-of-shape. I can’t imagine what this means. I honestly predict a really solid year out of him with Fitz under center (thank god). I expect big things. All of a sudden your #1 and #2 WR’s could explode for points on #AnyGivenSunday.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets

Round 3, Pick 22 – Sammy Watkins (wait, but that means you just took 3 WR’s in the first three rounds Joe… Yeah bro, I fucking know… Wait and see how this squad turns out). Sammy is a frustrating player to own. He gets hurt a lot but that fantasy potential upside lures me in every week. Like that hot girl at the bar that after 10 beers you’re convinced she’s into you but really, you never had a chance. What I’m saying is eventually that hot girl DOES go home with you, and Sammy lands you a 20+ point game every so often. Listen, when he gets hurt – take him out and manage your team. But for those big multiple-TD games, you’re going to want him!


Round 4, Pick 39 – Now presumably LeSean McCoy, who ideally I’d like on this team will be drafted by #39, so you’re going to want a RB, and Matt Forte can be that guy for you. Boom, starting to round this squad out. Forte is going to be the feature back this year in green and I think he could have a big year rejoining his buddy Brandon Marshall on a Jets offense that is looking to continue 2015’s grand season.


Round 5, Pick 42 – Eric Decker. “Taylor, WTF?! A 4th WR in 5 rounds? Okay… I’m done reading this.” Listen, Decker COULD have a real solid year AND keep in mind, I already established Sammy is out like every other game in Buffalo. So having Decker as your Flex is a nice move. He may not be the sexiest pick, but he sure will have his games. Your first bench player was drafted in the 5th Round – THAT is how you win championships.


Round 6, Pick 59 – Rashad Jennings. I believe in Jennings. I think Coughlin didn’t like him, or maybe just didn’t trust him. I think Jennings becomes the #1 back in NY and has a breakout year. Towards the end of last year, Jennings had a nice little stretch of games and I think that continues into 2016. In your 6th Round, you spend that pick on your 2nd RB, a guy that SHOULD give solid value week in and week out.


Round 7, Pick 62 – Eli Manning. Is Eli elite? No. Is Eli consistent? Yes. He is good for 20 point games like it’s his job – because it is. Sure he’ll have 1/2 breakout games, but he’ll also put up garbage once or twice (welcome to the world of being a Giants fan). The consistency is what you draft him for. Knowing he’ll be there 16 games, and knowing you can chalk him up for about 20 points a game is nice. Set your watch to it and let Eli be Eli. QB1 is taken care of.


Round 8, Pick #79 – Bilal Powell. This is your classic handcuff. As much as I believe Forte is the Jets back, get Powell and make sure IF Forte goes out for a couple weeks, which as an NFL RB seems almost guaranteed, you got it covered.


Round 9, Pick #82 – Shane Vereen. Same scenario as Round 8, maybe even more upside to be the Giants starter (than Powell on the Jets) to be honest. If Jennings can’t figure it out, Vereen will be a starter in no time. He is a hell of a receiving RB and in the Giants pass-happy system, you may have gotten a steal out of this 9th Round.


Roiund 10, Pick 99 – Tyrod Taylor. Taylor (my brutha from anotha) has such upside it’s hard to say no to. I know I just talked about Eli getting you 20 and “set your watch” to him and blah, blah, blah… But Tyrod has those fast little legs that will find you 30/40 point games. He may turn out to be a bust, which makes that contract extension hilarious, but he’d be worth rolling the dice on. He could have a huge year, in which case the consistent 20 from Eli will be replaced with the running points/TD’s from Tyrod.


Round 11, Pick 102 – Jets D/ST. This is a wild pick, but you need a D (LOLZ). The Jets Defense is a solid bet AND their offensive conservative strategy of “Punt if you’re on the opponent’s 35” should pay dividends here (even if it makes Jets Nation pull their hair out). I think Bowles is a really great coach and this Jets unit could look real nice this year despite losing “Snacks” Harrison and Cromartie among others.


Round 12, Pick 119 – Charles Clay. This may be a bad pick BUT getting that safety valve TE for a QB like Tyrod always seems like a good pick to me. Plus, we need a TE, it’s Round 12 and we’re SOL in that category. I don’t see TE as a spot with many great players (maybe 3 or 4 I’d really rely on), so let’s hope for value late in the draft and ignore them in the early rounds. Sound like a plan? #YOLOOOOOOO


Round 13, Pick 122 – VICTOR CRUZ. What a steal this late in the game! Well, potentially… His fantasy upside is crazy – he could return to his glory, with no defense being able to REALLY key in on him, he can UNLOAD all over defenses. Cruz could be one of those “Wow, I’m glad I didn’t just sit on my biscuit and was willing to risk it” picks. It’s Round 13, you need to roll the dice a little to get any big turnout. Cruz could be that gamble.

Round 14 – Ryan Fitzmagic. Fitz? Really? Yeah, why not? Fitz may not see playing time on your team, but if he returns to his glory, that crazy Jets fan in your league may trade the world to get him. Jets fans are nuts and drafting a guy in Round 14 for trade bait makes too much sense to me. Tell me who else you’re getting here anyways. He’ll be traded or dropped before the season is over, but worth the upside (trade bait to a Jets fan).

Round 15 – Dan Carpenter. “Jesus was a Carpenter.” I have no idea why he is so low ranked, but Carpenter has a leg and I’ve always been a fan. The Bills offense scores a lot, and also stalls a lot, so Carpenter makes sense to me here.

ONE outside New York suggestion – Look for Kyle Rudolph. I know: “Taylor, go home, you’re drunk – he’s not even from New York.” NO, I WON’T GO HOME!!! Rudolph is a Notre Dame legend. I don’t care that he’s not from NY and I really see him and Bridgewater becoming a connection. Take him in Round 16 and maybe after a few weeks when Charles Clay (maybe) doesn’t score you much, you see this kid on your bench and he becomes a hero (every once in a while). So wait til Round 16 to draft outside of New York, but he may be a starter on your squad in a few weeks.


Further suggestion: “Get him undrafted” – Larry Donnell or Bills D/ST. The Bills you just have to wait on until they’re all not injured/suspended. I don’t know what it is with Buffalo that makes you a crazy person, but it happens. And Larry Donnell? If he has a big week early on, sign him. That will be enough of a sign to me that Eli trusts him and will go back to him. He’s had big weeks before and I believe, as long as there isn’t something I’m missing here, he’ll be back to have more big games this season (more realistically like every third or fourth week).

Well there you have it. I just built you a roster that pretty clearly will win it all. Depth, talent, upside, consistency. It’s all there. You’re welcome.