So we had a nice split decision today. Cubbies – you gotta let it ride. Always a great bet and my other bet? The Yankees won so I don’t give a shit. Sorry the Mariners can’t hit – like come on, what is that?! Give us some runs – absolute horseshit.

Anyway, as you can see we gotta take another with the Giants-Dodgers game.  The pick that’s going down is:
Giants-Dodgers Over 7.

I mean, let’s be real here – it’s a night game in Cali and the boys are on primetime ESPN – always a slugfest. Also, the Giants always seem to fall to the Dodgers, that’s just a thing that goes down everybody. I don’t know if you have been betting this season, but that’s just a rule of thumb. So like I said the bats are flowing and this pitching matchup is gonna be a nice one to watch – very big game for Hill to sling against San Fran. They are gonna be challenging the hitters and both sides are looking to abuse the other, but like I said mistakes happen (just like my picks last night).

Listen, the Dodgers are gonna be a slugfest tonight and if I didn’t get spanked on the Rangers bet last night… Don’t get me started, really ruined my night absolute nonsense…

Sorry, lost track there, but this is going OVER! Just lock it up and sit back and get ready for some anxiety because you know I’m gonna have some.

Hammer down and Marty out.


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