It would only be fitting that my #TBT NY Champion Hall of Fame Induction comes on a Friday. It’d be even more fitting that I pick someone who was born in Germany and technically wasn’t a member of a “New York” franchise. BUT, I think you’re all going to enjoy where I went with this…

Welcome to this illustrious club – JOHNNY McENROE!!!

Now, as I said, McEnroe was born in Germany, but he made a GLORIOUS cameo in Mr Deeds and currently resides in NYC (aka the greatest city in the world). So yeah Germany, just like hot dogs (“frankfurters” more like “frank-FARTERS” AM I RIGHT?!) Johnny is ours now!! USA!! USA!!! USA!!!!

“Johnny Mac” was the absolute bad boy of tennis, which is awesome. A sport that, like golf is preppy, golf-shirty, and just seemingly very classy, McEnroe took over with a persona all his own. He freaked out and did whatever he wanted, it was AWESOME.

And how did he get away with it? Well easy – WINNING. Winning cures all, and even in this delicate-wash, dry-cleaned sport that is tennis, you can evidently act like a jackass so long as you win. New York knows this above all – WINNING CURES ALL.

The dude was seven Grand Slam titles, nine Grand Slam men’s doubles titles and one Grand Slam mixed titles.

Johnny Mac was a fucking stud on the court and his legend will forever live on.

Mr McEnroe, you are now in an elite clubs, with the likes of Jared Lorenzen, Nate Robinson, Chuck Knoblauch, Steve Weatherford, Walt “The Clyde” Frazier, Scott Stevens and Jeremy Shockey… And when I put that list together – WOW, what a freaking squad!!!

Until next week!