What’s up you sickos? Let me start off with an apology because I got bombed this weekend, didn’t have my phone, so that’s that. Here’s some picks for y’all. I’m feeling a great week – Labor Day is coming up and we’ll need that money to spend to really put an exclamation point on the summer.

I’m gonna throw you guys 3 picks tonight because it’s gonna be some easy cash.

Cubs -1.5(-110)
This pick sounds like anyone and their mother can pick it but I mean let’s be real, they are the best team in baseball and it’s like betting the Golden State Warriors over… You can’t lose with those odds. Fuck the ML, just have them win by 2 – they are gonna spank Pittsburgh PLUS the Cubbies are home. Kris Bryant is just making every pitcher crap their pants because he alone can cover the spread. If no one hits he’ll do it, and if he doesn’t Rizzo does! If he doesn’t… you get it, the list goes on. Let the Cubs ride and then you let it ride. Don’t take the chips off red if it keeps hitting #letitride

Next pick…

Texas Rangers ML -150
Another one that seems like I’m repeating myself but with the line that easy you gotta just #letitride. You got Darvish throwing against Iwakuma (who might I tell you got shelled by the Yankees but the fucking Mariners couldn’t put up 2 runs so my last over didn’t cover…). Anyway Texas has it locked up at home. Darvish has been throwing great. Rangers are hitting like studs #DoItForPrince!!

And my third pick…

Twins/Indians Over 9(-120)
These two teams have caused my boys and I so much anxiety and depression because we can never figure out what they are gonna do against other teams. BUT, when they play each other, it’s an absolute slug-fest. Every time – every FUCKING time – it goes over. They all hit better than Ted Williams. It’s like they all go out the night before, let the pitchers get fucking Nick Mangled and the hitters just wait to ruin their day. Here’s some stats to prove it.


It’s just a thing you notice when you bet their games. They always cover.

So let’s enjoy some money!! I’m taking all 3… I go down with the ship!!



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