Earlier today, I wrote on the Bronx Bombers playoff picture, about my delusions as a New Yorker, and why that makes me #billieve… Now I’m taking my attention to their cross-town rivals, the Metropolitans, and showing honestly how easy it could be…

So their current picture is as follows: they sit behind the Wild Card by 2.5 games of the Cards, 2 games behind the Pirates and 1 game behind the Marlins.

Right now the Mets have 32 games left… A whopping 19 of which come against the Reds, Twins, Phils and Braves. All those teams are legit butt-cheeks. SEVEN of their remaining games are against the Marlins and another 6 against Washington. So let’s break this down further…

If they can find a way to 4 of those 7 with Miami, they’ve tied the Marlins, if they take 5, they’ve passed them. Not too unrealistic. A bigger thing to focus on is during the same stretch where the Mets play the MLB’s D-League, the Marlins will have to play the Dodgers and Indians, which sucks for them. Now just like the Mets, they’ll will have to play the Nationals 6 times. Let’s say the outcome of the Nats games are equal to both the Marlins and Mets, the Mets will simply need to take advantage of the easier schedule remaining and let the Indians and Dodgers help bury Miami.

Now to the Pirates remaining 34 games. They have to play the Cubs 7 times, which is a kick to the pants. They also see the Cards for 6 games and the Nats for 3. That is not an easy road. In regards to the Mets, their Cards match-up helps no matter what, but probably rooting for a 3-3 split so they can gain on each (presumably?). But the thought of the Cubs romping them is plausible and the Nats at least winning the series is a good chance. The Mets saga continues…

Last up is the Cards, the current holders of the wild card. They too have 6 against the Cubs, have 3 against San Fran, as well as what we talked about before 6 against Pittsburgh. Again, assuming the Cubbies win both series, maybe SF takes theirs and a split with Pittsburgh, these all are making room for the unlikely Mets to slip in.


This would just be wild. They bought Jay Bruce at the deadline looking for a spark and since joining the team, he is batting .165. They traded for Jonathan Niese, who since joining has an 11.5 ERA in his 11 innings of service… I mean what they bought hasn’t panned out. Just plain and simple. And the pitching staff is a constant worry – the injuries are a constant concern and a position that in April seemed like a huge depth, is now an injury away from decimation.

I mean, nothing SEEMS right for the Mets. But for some reason, they’re still alive… And the crazy thing is – once again, I can SEE it. I SEE this playoff run.

Let’s just say they make the Wild Card. Easy to see DeGrom or Syndergaard pitching and SHOVING that first game. You still will have a stud ace in that First Round and we’re right on track to see some magic.

Yes, this is an unlikely story, but boy oh boy am I rooting for it: Stumble into the Wild Card spot, throw an ace out there that gets you into the “real” playoffs and anything can happen.

Listen, if Bartolo Colon can be a professional athlete, let alone smack homers, this seems very possible. #LGM



From New York Citi With Love,