Listen, this Yankees team is as big an enigma as we’ve seen in a while. They give up arguably their three best guys (Beltran, Chapman and Miller), force A-Rod’s retirement, and Ivan Nova they trade away. They turn their attention towards the future. And… a playoff push immediately ensues??


I don’t get it, but here’s the thing: my fanhood – my teams – have made me a #billiever in things that shouldn’t happen.

Three reasons in my life that I’ll always believe til the bitter end…

First, the (shortened season) #8 seeded Knicks. We take out the #1 seed Heat in the first round, then the Hawks, and top it off with the #2 Pacers to meet the Spurs in the finals. I don’t care who you are, the 8 seed that JUST sneaks in the playoffs shouldn’t be equipped to do that. But we did.

Second, the 2007 Giants. We stumbled into the playoffs. We didn’t look good but magic happened. The playoffs started and things went our way. There’s nothing besides higher powers that can explain how that team won – it was destiny. We beat an undefeated team – a record setting team and arguably the greatest team of all-time (except that we had to ruin that). Those Giants are a big part of my “never say die” beliefs, and for better or worse that will NEVER go away.


Lastly, the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Our New Jersey Devils, another 8 seed, takes it all the way to the Cup before the magic ran out. The Kings made the Devils look like a team that didn’t deserve to be there – because they didn’t. but magic brought that team there and it was a beautiful thing to witness. But again, that “this can’t happen…” keeps happening.


Okay, I am not saying the Yankees will make the playoffs. I’m not. But what I am saying is the possibility for some of this silly magic is there. Look at who they have down the stretch and how this could go down:

The Yanks are sitting 3.5 GB the Orioles with 30 games to go. 6 of those 30 are against the Orioles. They are  a half game behind the Royals with 3 against Kansas City remaining. Not to mention 7 left against the Red Sox, sitting 4.5 behind them.

That leaves Detroit, Houston and Seattle – the mightiest of which, only holds a 1.5 game lead over the Pinstripes.

Okay, here’s how easy I see this – the O’s can potentially (and after what I saw at Camden last weekend PROBABLY) fail – 7 of their remaining games are against Boston. 6 are against Toronto, and as previously mentioned 6 against the Yanks. Let’s say we really simply win that first series 2-1 from the Orioles like we did this past weekend. That lead shrinks to 2.5. The, again, they have series’ against Toronto – who could potentially drop them 2-1 in each, and the Red Sox, who also could win both 3- and 4- game sets.

All of a sudden, the Yanks are looking at simply just having to win their series’ and they found their spot in the playoffs.

Now, I don’t think the Yanks have enough to make that playoff push our ’99 Knicks did, or the ’08 Giants, or the ’12 Devils… BUT nobody gave this team a chance after blowing up their team after the trade deadline and here we are.

The cards have to fall our way, there’s no disputing that, but this is really insane to me that it could possibly happen.

These Yanks have made me a billiever in yet another New York team that I certainly shouldn’t believe in… Can’t wait to ride this September playoff push out and see if we can do it.



In Sanchez We Trust,