We here at Water Cooler Sports hold everyone’s feet to the fire… and Marty Quinn, our gambling expert, is no different. Let’s take a minute and see how Marty is doing in his never ending fight against Vegas…

Friday, August 19th
Marty takes the Phillies Card game over 9.5… Swing and a miss. 0-1.

Saturday, August 20th
Marty takes McGregor and hits there. Big win. Back to .500. 1-1.

Sunday, August 21st
Royals to beat the Twins, Money Line. Good bunt single here, Marty is now sitting 2-1.

Monday, August 22nd
Tough day. Two losses as he took the Rangers over Reds money line, and the over on the Yanks game. 2-3.

Tuesday, August 23rd
Split decision. He was right, the Cubbies did cover their -1.5 over the Padres, but the Yanks-Mariners could not go over 7 runs… 3-4.

Wednesday, August 24th
Digging himself a hole. Marty gets handed another loss as the Giants and Dodgers do not go over 7. 3-5.

(This led to a brief hiatus as Marty Quinn went on quite a drinking binge the next several days, presumably did a lot of cocaine and cleared his head… He’ll get em next time.)

Monday, August 29th
Marty takes 1 of 3. The Cubs couldn’t cover their -1.5 over the Pirates, only winning by 1; the Rangers DID beat Seattle and Marty took that money line; and the Indians and Twins continue to be an enigma to him, as they did not go over – not even close in fact.

Right now, Marty is looking at 4-7. Is that good? No. Does it mean maybe it’s time to start buying into his picks? ABSOLUTELY. Conventional wisdom would be eventually his bets should be 50%, so is this the time to buy low-sell high? Truck yeah! Stay tuned tonight for Marty’s next picks as he looks to turn his luck around!