Tough start to the week, so I hope you picked Texas last night because our boy Beltran is a fucking animal.

But let’s get to our lock of the day:

Arizona Diamonbacks ML +141
Yes, you’re probably like, “Fuck this guy Marty. He’s so dumb. The Diamondbacks blow.” Well listen here clowns, our boy Greinke has never lost in San Fran. Also, I believe he has a 1.69 ERA pitching in San Fran as well, so, actually… Yeah, no check it, he fucking does (almost). Also, do you remember last year – the playoff race? Yep, Greinke shut them down (for the Dodgers). So my money is on the underdog because you can hate the Diamondbacks and you can hate Greinke, because believe me he fucked me early this season… BUT the guy kills the Giants and honestly Greinke has nothing to lose except to make sure his old team beats out the Giants. #GoldenGreinke



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