That’s right ladies and gents, Tonight’s the night!


This day is awaited every year like Christmas morning; and with this being the greatest week one schedule in the history of college football, your boy Miller is ECSTATIC. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what games we should all be excited about on this opening weekend.


Tennessee vs. Appalachian State

  • Should Tennessee win by a million points if they’re anywhere near the hype we’ve heard ALL SUMMER? YES.
  • Is Appalachian State basically outmatched at every position on the field? YES.
  • Does Josh Dobbs still have the ugliest face in college football? YES.

So you may be thinking WHY THE HELL DOES THIS GAME MATTER?

Well it’s very simple. This is the first game in Neyland this year, and the first chance to see what the Vols will bring to the table. IT will be interesting to see whether they are ready to roll right out of the gate, or they have a lot to work on.

OH and let’s not forget the possibility of an upset, AMIRITE Michigan fans?!



“The Rocky Mountain Showdown” – Colorado vs. Colorado State (in Denver)

Sure, neither of these teams are ranked, but one of the things that has helped college football to become as great as it has, are the rivalry games. There is nothing like the heart and passion that oozes from the fans during these games, and to have it happen on the first game of the season?! There is nothing that is better.

Not to mention the fact that this game really could go either way. Colorado is favored by 9 (according to the spread), but over the past four years this game has been an even split for each team; and this includes last year’s OT win for the buffaloes.

This will be an exciting game to watch and easily the best game of Friday night (unless you want to watch Michigan State or Baylor win by 500 points).


“The Grand-Daddy of Them All” – SATURDAY:

Oklahoma vs. Houston (NRG Stadium in Houston, TX)- 12 p.m. on ABC –

  • The only shot that a team outside of the Power 5 has to make the playoff; AND probably the last opener that Tom Herman has at Houston (everyone wants him, it’s only a matter of time). This will be a HELL of a game and a must-watch to start off your first college football Saturday of the year.


Georgia vs. UNC (The Atlanta Dome)- 5:30 pm on ESPN

  • You know I gotta have my Dawgs on here! Georgia opens up right where they want their regular season to finish up (in the Dome); and they do so against a ranked opponent in what should be a GREAT matchup.
    • Looking forward to see what Greyson Lambert can do as QB1 and hoping that the Dawgs can start off with a huge win.
    • Also looking forward to Ryan Switzer, the two-time all-american from UNC, and hoping to GOD that he doesn’t dominate against the Dawgs.
    • Oh, and Nick Chubb is back… Need I say more?!


UCLA at Texas A&M-  3:30 pm on CBS

  • The SEC’s first shot with an unranked team against a HUGE ranked opponent, and the second year that A&M opens against a Pac-12 program with it’s eyes set on the College Football Playoff. This game will be a great chance for the SEC to show whether it’s dominance will continue or not. ESPECIALLY after Josh Rosen down played the sound he will hear on Kyle Field:
  • P.S.- This is also on here, because your boy Miller WILL BE AT THIS GAME, and don’t you worry content will be coming from this wonderful trip.


USC vs. Alabama (AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX)- 8:00 pm on ABC

  • The game everyone has been talking about. Two of the most storied programs coming to face off in a neutral site. Is there anything greater than this?
    • It will be a chance for us to see whether USC is back in the limelight, and whether Alabama is ready to make their run at yet ANOTHER title under Saban.
    • Cannot wait for this one to kick off and for the atmosphere throughout this game.


Here’s to the greatest traditions, greatest fans, and greatest game being on display for all of us to watch yet again. Whoever you may root for, I hope this season brings you all the joy in the world, and as little despair as possible. Happy College Football Season everyone!




P.S. – We have Notre Dame playing on Sunday against Texas, but they will DOMINATE a lackluster Texas program that isn’t even within an inch of what it once was.