Rise and shine Big Apple, the Yanks and Mets are making September baseball fun as shit to watch!!

The Mets have a chance to sweep Miami tonight, as our long-haired and 3-days-extra-rested deGrominator takes the hill. This potentially puts us just 1-game behind the Cards in the Wild Card. This game is beyond crucial as next up the Mets take on the Nats – and beyond Game 1 with Thor throwing, I don’t see a series win there unless we get lucky… wins are at a premium with a series with the Nationals on the horizon.

Today the Yanks have the day off, as does everyone in the AL Wild Card race. The Pinstripes sit 2.5 GB Baltimore and Detroit who are tied for that second wild card spot… At this point, it’s pretty crazy to me the Yanks are still even relevant in this hunt – but holy shit are they ever! They got the Orioles up next, with a chance to gain ground on them. That series is critical but I really fucking believe in this bunch. Chad Green will take the hill Friday and (with the exception of his last outing… against the O’s) he’s been SHOVING lately. We need a big game out of him, and I for one am stoked to see how he handles the pressure.

How they got here are very different – the Mets are in an absolute “Win Now” mode, while their cross town rivals couldn’t give a shit less it seems – they know their future is not now… but they definitely are making a fun time of the present!