Episode 6 of In My Face?! is f*cking here folks!!

We realized we never officially asked for you to let everyone you know to listen to Big Fudge and Taylor talk sports… So here are some suggestions that we genuinely hope everyone listens to in order to build our CLEARLY #lit brand:

– You know that girl you’ve been texting that has faded you on and off, but you’re still SURE you got it in the bag? Send her a link to this shit. That’ll lock it up. In advance, you’re welcome.

– Shoot your mom a quick text: “Hey Ma, In My Face?! just came out with a new podcast. It’s neat and the two hosts are hung like horses.” That’ll for sure work… Not so much for you, but we’d sure laugh.

– Give our sponsors at T-3 Construction a call and ask them to build you a deck… Ok, this one literally does nothing for getting people to listen to the show, but our sponsors would certainly appreciate it. “Two Guys, Big Decks!” #DecksOutForHarambe

– Mention us on your favorite adult website chat board. That will 100% get us all those troll followers that every site like this needs… AM I RIGHT?!?!

– Tweet at us, either @WCS_Taylor or @WCS_Fudge, and give us the shout-out to your 150 followers so we can QUADRUPLE our audience!!

But hey, even if you want to ignore all these great suggestions and just listen to get you through the week, that’s cool. We’ll still love you in the morning.


Peace, Love & Natural Lights,