The Taylor Bro’s were talking about this the other day… “Why” this was the topic is not really important (since the Spurs are bastards and all) but still this is wild…

Gregg Popovich took over the Spurs halfway through the ’96-’97 season – a season where the Admiral fought injuries all season and played only 6 games (I bet he didn’t rest the last game on purpose…*cough* MELO *cough*).  The Spurs failed to reach the postseason that year.  In fact, they played so bad that they got the 1st pick in the 1997 NBA draft and got “Slim Jim” Tim Duncan.  Since that season, Pop has not missed the playoffs once as a full year head coach.  NOT EVEN ONCE.

Now to the purpose of this masterpiece – Timothy “Would’ve Worked Lochte in a Pool” Duncan and Gregg “Halftime Interview Dickhead Extraordinaire” Popovich have been together for every single full season Pop has coached and Dunc has been in the league.  We are about to #witness a season unfathomable to people born after the 1996-97 season concluded.  I’m no demographist, but I’m fairly positive, that’s roughly over 7 billion people.



For the Win…
(Not a real staff WCS writer, but @WCS_Taylor’s brutha… So it flies.)